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Rwanda Ministry Partners (RMP) exists to nurture and grow the North American and Rwandan Anglican Church’s relationship that has resulted from Rwanda’s display of courageous leadership in battling for the soul of the American Anglican Church. Nearly two decades ago, the Rwandan Church sacrificially responded to the spiritual turbulence taking place in America by offering refuge and hope to orthodox Anglican churches. This unselfish and bold act of the past has been a foundational part of the global church’s ongoing renewal.

This vital story of Church and community transformation continues. RMP is an intentional effort to help insure this movement maintains momentum, and will go even further to provide a template for other provinces and other parts of the Church. As this portion of the Church of the Global South (PEAR) released this portion of the Church of the Global North (PEARUSA) to the authority of the Anglican Church in North America (ACNA) in June of 2016, the path we’ve walked together to this point, the steps we are taking now, and our future together hold valuable lessons not only for us, but also for the Church worldwide.



Embedded in the formation of RMP is the deeply-held truth and belief that global relationships matter. Because as Anglicans we profess to believe in one, holy, catholic, and apostolic church, it is right and necessary to be intentional about forming global relationships.

God has given his Church the mission of reconciliation, redemption, and restoration in the world. Rwanda has journeyed along this road of suffering more than most nations and, as a result, has much insight to offer on these topics to the global church.

The Church is the Body of Christ. It is not a group of individuals but rather a community of saints. We come together with a variety of gifts and resources. God calls us to steward and share all that we have been given with one another so that there will be equality in the Body. We should, therefore, give selflessly of what we have been given by God to the other to meet their need, so that they in turn might do the same. By such doing, we will affirm together that God is good.

These valuable lessons will only be fully realized if founded in and nurtured through intentional and authentic relationships. That is why we hope you will enter into relationship – church to church, diocese to diocese, province to province – for the purpose of God’s kingdom mission.

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