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The work of RMP will be highly relational, honoring elements of a common story, seeking to walk together in shared understanding and respect.

This is not a work of individuals, but of communities that are part of that larger community of believers, the Church.  We will not go it alone, but together.

We will work for change, not only in others, but also in ourselves, sharing and receiving, learning and growing, in sensitive and humble engagement.

Our posture is one of positive, Spirit-filled joy, anticipating and joining with the Lord’s work of mercy, justice and restoration, affirming by our common efforts that God is good.

We are in this for the long-term, nurturing relationships with integrity over time, in ways that are increasingly rich and fruitful.
Culturally Respectful
Culture is a gift of God and we honor both differences and points of unity, seeking to learn and to grow in understanding as we serve together in harmony.

This is all about God’s cross-centered mission in the world—of reconciliation, redemption and restoration.


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